Python Course

CBSE Python Course XI and XII

  1. Multi-layer programme for students
  2. A high-level Programming language 
  3. Basic understanding of Computational thinking 
  4. Python libraries can be created and used; Learn from Python Programs for Class 11 HOW! 

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    About Python

    Hello students, hope you all are ready to learn something new and exciting for your CBSE Class XI/XII-Computer Science

    Educators and Experts offer different talents and styles of learning in the Python syllabus. Python subject was specially designed and developed for computer science and informatics students to detonate their minds and augment the content of their educational programs. This is a simple CBSE affiliated course that let students catch it easily and score more. When you will score more, chances increase for admission in your dream college afterwards.

    Python is one of the top 10 high-level Programming languages. This esteemed language Python For Class 11 CBSE helps in knowing the advanced features of the device. It is easy to read and learn the simple Syntax rules. 


    • Discover how algorithms work and how to be more efficient
    • Not so basic data structures: lists, stacks, and queues
    • Elemental understanding of computer networks: network stack, network hardware, protocols, and tools.
    • Integrate Python with SQL, and learn aggregation functions in Python Programs For Class XI
    • Ability to work in the cyber world, and understand cybercrime and cyber ethics- need of the hour